It’s all so easy

It’s all so easy

We like to call it Fun-ucational

We take everything hard out of creating activities for your little learners so that you can stop stressing and start having fun.

As parents, we understand that coming up with fun educational activities that are both beautiful and easy to set up can seem impossible. We want to help you feel capable, equipped and excited to spend quality time with your child. No tears, no questioning “What the heck am I supposed to be doing?” Just download, print and go!

Why It's So Easy

Monthly Theme

All of our themes are focused on Fun and are educational. From Transportation to Space and Gardening to Holidays. They are fresh and always engaging.

Learning Focused Activities

We focus on the whole child, from their active brains to their soft hearts and running feet! Every activity is carefully created to be both educational and fun because learning should be active and hands on (in our humble opinion!)

Weekly Emails

Every week you’ll receive an email from us with 3 or more activities with multiple objective options. They will be on theme, fun and easy to set up. This way, you’ll never forget about your subscription, you can plan ahead for your week & you’ll have them forever!

Read Along Books

Every activity goes along with a book we read on our YouTube Channel. We want to encourage a love of literacy and every carefully curated book engages each little learner even further into their learning. Take the time to set up the next activity or warm your coffee one more time and breath :) Miss Kristi’s got this!


We are always available for questions, concerns, ideas or even just an ear to listen. Send us an E-mail or DM us on social, send a letter by owl even- we want to hear from you! How can we help?

Instructional Videos

Follow us on Instagram for our Activity Instructional Videos where we will show you all the fun ways to do and use your activities!



For the entire month with a curated Amazon list making shopping easy and stress free! Don’t know which scissors are best, we got you!


Reserve them at the Library or purchase if you’d like. But don't forget we read them online for free for you also!


All videos are pre-screened and adds to the month’s theme continuing your little’s education with tons of fun options! Songs, Exercises, Games, A Day in the Life, Tours, How, Why, Where and even streaming ideas.


We give you a list of everything to expect in the coming weeks along with what their educational focus is so you can plan ahead!

It Feels good to be loved

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is such a genius idea! You make it all so easy that I don’t even have to think. The activities are beautiful and my kids LOVE ReadaRoo Day! Thank you!

    Jessica Walker

  • I am so happy I found you. I have been struggling so bad trying to find educational actvities to do with my kids. It’s all been so overwhelming. The fact that you send me the activties every week reminds me to just print them out and I am ready whenever the mood strikes us to do something fun! Thank you!

    Jenna Reely

  • I never knew learning could be so fun. I have to admit that for once, I actually like doing activities with my kids. Usually “kid activities” are boring but yours are so beautiful and fun that even I enjoy them. We even revisit them over and over since most of them have lots of uses! Such a great idea! Thanks so much!

    Brittany Rosen

  • I found you on YouTube and my kids are obsessed! Then to find out you had this subscription was just icing on the cake! You save me so much time and my kids love watching your stories while I set everything up. It’s just all so easy for me and fun for them! Thank you!

    Monica G

  • During the pandemic I was drowning. I found ReadaRoo Kids and something just clicked. Why was I making everything so hard on myself? I am so thankful for this subscription. Easiest $8 of my life!

    Lisa S.

  • We love ReadaRoo Kids! It used to take me forever to find stuff on Pinterest to do with my kids and now you just send me activities every week and I don’t even worry about it. Also, thank you for the supply lists! You make it so easy to just go to you amazon and add to cart- truly such a time saver! Thank you!

    Penny Lake